Round table on the theme "Interwell well hydrotomography of oil fields" in AGNI

On May 13, AGNI hosted a meeting in the format of a roundtable discussion on "Inter-Well Fluid Hydrometography of Oil Fields", moderated by the Chief Technology Advisor of the international company TGT Oilfield Services - Aslanian Artur Mikhailovich.

Participants of the event were students and teachers of AGNI, heads and representatives of regional analytical laboratories, engineering and geological services of PJSC Tatneft. In the opening speech Arthur Aslanyan expressed his admiration for AGNI, noting the good preparation of students who come to work for the company, and professional equipping of the auditoriums, laboratories and departments of the institute.

From the moderator's speech, listeners were able to learn about new technologies and approaches in the field of field geophysics and its progressive directions.

Артур Михайлович выступил с докладами на такие темы, как «Мониторинг месторождения методом импульсно-кодового гидропрослушивания», «Калибровка гидродинамических моделей на основе межскважинной гидротомографии» и «САКУРА – система автоматизированного контроля и управления разработкой».

В конце мероприятия присутствующие задали самые разные, иногда даже каверзные вопросы и каждый получил исчерпывающий ответ.