26-28 September 2016 Sofoil participated in the SPE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition (SPE-ATCE) in Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. ATCE  attracts thousands of participants from all over the world.

Sofoil has presented Multi Well Deconvolution technique. The benefits of this technology were worthily evaluated by representatives of many well-known companies such as Saudi Aramko, Total, Dragon OIl, Zadko and many others. Multi Well Deconvolution were greeted with interest and numerous questions that developed into a lively discussion.

ATCE again presented the latest research findings, innovative solutions and services for all sectors of the industry including oil and gas development, processing, storage and transportation.

This event is not only an important scientific and technical forum dedicated to oil and gas exploration and production but also provides an excellent opportunity for establishing new business relations and strengthening the existing ones.