Reservoir Simulations Engineer

Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full time, full day

An international company engaged in petroleum activities is looking for Reservoir Simulations Engineer to assist with field development. You must be experienced in hydrodynamic modelling (expertise in producing and adapting hydrodynamic models, performing forecast calculations  and quality of technical expertise)


- construction of full-scale and sector based dynamic models, adjustment to historical data, performing forecast calculations;
- calculations for development options, determining the optimal choice;
- performing calculations for optimization of the pressure support system (pressure support translations, determination of optimal injection volumes and discharge pressure) on sector and full-scale hydrodynamic models;
- justifying reasons for geological for drilling and other workover operations;
- quality control of dynamic models, performed by contractors;
- along with the group members prepare workover operations, optimisation of pressure support, drilling and sidetracks;
- justification of input variables for calculating well start-up parameters;
- working in a cross-functional team with representatives of various specialities


- at least 3 years experience in the field of hydrodynamic simulation modelling, maintenance/monitoring of field development;
- experience in the core hydrodynamic modelling software (Eclipse, Tempest, tNavigator, Petrel).


- interesting, constantly developing projects in the field of oil production
- official registration, full employment
- stable, fully legal salary
- office in the city centre (It-Park);
- opportunity for professional and career growth

What we expect from our employees:

- ability to work in a team
- independence in work, creation of services that do not require spoon-feeding
- user-friendly interfaces with a minimum of irritating errors
- performance before and after probation
- neat and clear commented code
- responsibility
- punctuality
- ability to express yourself both verbally and non-verbally

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