Reservoir Engineer

Required work experience: 3-6 years
Full-time, full-time

Place of work: Moscow, Kazan, Tyumen


- Design and interpretation of cross well interference test
- Design and interpretation of Build-ups and Fall-offs
- Planning and interpretation of special types of Well Tests
- Interpretation of long-term records of Flow rate decline curves and PDG
- Interpretation of special types of production and pressure data analysis
- Performing well analysis using production and survey data and performing a list of recommendations for improving field development


- B.Sc./Masters education in relative field


- Skills that may be required within this job:
- Expert knowledge in the field of hydrodynamic well research
- General expertise on the main issues of reservoir development;
- Key knowledge of field development;
- Key knowledge of the reservoir simulations, skills in correcting the development history;
- Creative thinking, out of the box problem solving;
- Studying and applying new methods and technologies for improvement of existing processes;
- Active life position;

Language skills:

Language | Proficiency

- English | sufficient level for understanding foreigners, fluent communication, good writing and reading skills


- Knowledge of the software (standard and/or specialized) required to perform the work:
- Microsoft Office: (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook),
- KAPPA Saphire / Topaz / Pan System / PIE (other similar software for well testing) / Roxar (ResViewII and other software for hydrodynamic modelling).


- interesting, constantly developing projects in the field of oil production
- official registration, full employment
- stable, fully legal salary
- office in the city centre (It-Park);
- opportunity for professional and career growth

What we expect from our employees:

- ability to work in a team
- independence in work, creation of services that do not require spoon-feeding
- user-friendly interfaces with a minimum of irritating errors
- performance before and after probation
- neat and clear commented code
- responsibility
- punctuality
- ability to express yourself both verbally and non-verbally

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