Sofoil at Russian Oil and Gas Technical Congress

Sofoil and Petronas Malaysia presented a paper at SIMPOSIUM IATMI 2022 with the title “Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Development Optimization by Multi-well Deconvolution Driven Multiwell Retrospective Testing (MRT)” on October 08, 2022.

With over 741 participants attending, it was one of the first events of this size after the COVID epidemic. The Minister of State Owned Enterprises also joined the event online, making the event even more engaging. AKHLAK, one of the SOE guidelines, represented Sofoil during the event. This was a significant event in the Indonesian oil and gas community, facilitating networking between oil companies.

At the event, A Hakim Basri a Petronas Malaysia representative, presented MRT study case at Angsi field, revealing the connectivity between wells in the area resulting in de-risking infill wells, and improving production by recommending relevant interventions and workovers.

The study case showed that PDG/ESP data can be used for Interference Testing by using a crucial component of MRT - Multiwell Deconvolution. Many participants during the event requested Sofoil to demonstrate its requirements and capabilities, particularly the data required to perform MRT and the results that it can achieve.

The Indonesian government have set a goal of achieving 1 MBOPD and 12 BCFPD by 2030, and Sofoil services, particularly the MRT, will make sure that this goal is met by implementing this methodology at the development fields in Indonesia.