Mini Football Tournament | IT Park Cup 2023

A magnificent event catered to mini-football enthusiasts took place on May 13 and 21, 2023. The IT Park Cup 2023 mini-football championship was hosted at the Iskender football arena. This event featured teams from renowned companies and organizations.

One of the standout highlights of this championship was the remarkable performance showcased by the Sofoil team, exhibiting an exceptional level of play. Sofoil competed against strong rivals such as the "Institute of Regional Development of the Republic of Tatarstan", "Innostage", and "IT Park" teams. With remarkable finesse, they flawlessly navigated through the group stage of the tournament. Their outstanding performance delighted the fans as they secured two victories and a draw, ensuring their well-deserved spot in the playoffs.

However, at the subsequent stage of the tournament, the Sofoil team encountered an even more formidable team - Red Lockers. The match between the two teams was so intense that it ultimately had to be settled through a penalty shootout. Despite their valiant efforts, the Sofoil team lost in a gripping penalty shootout, ultimately conceding the well-deserved victory to the Red Lockers team.

Despite their impressive performance in the group stage, the Sofoil team did not progress to the next stage of this year's IT Park Cup 2023. This thrilling match kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the very last second, showcasing the intense level of competition and the remarkable skills possessed by the participants in this captivating tournament.

Sofoil team players:

  • Ramil Mingaraev
  • Artur Akhmerov
  • Rodion Guss
  • Evgeny Gartsev
  • Vyacheslav Bragin
  • Ramis Gimazetdinov
  • Linar Zinurov
  • Rail Galyautdinov
  • Alexey Kirilov
  • Nikita Bashkirov

We appreciate the outstanding achievement of our employees, recognizing their remarkable efforts and applauding their well-deserved results. We extend our sincere wishes for their continued success and further accomplishments in the future!