Sofoil at Heroes Race 2023, Kazan

Set against the stunning panorama of the "Sviyazhsk Hills" near Kazan, the "Heroes Race", a unique Russian national event complete with a thrilling obstacle course, unfolded on July 29th, drawing in over 2,000 participants.

Over a course of about 10 km, a series of 31 challenges were set up to test strength and endurance of each player.

These challenges included traditional obstacles of varying difficulty that required participants to rely on their upper body strength, while avoiding stepping on the ground below. The journey also involved tackling water obstacles, navigating through mud, and confronting personal fears, all culminating in the triumphant climb up the eight-meter-tall "Everest" rope structure.

Throughout the event, a fan park was set up for both players and their supporters. Here, participants could engage in group warm-ups and various sports activities organized by event partners, where anyone could capture a memorable photo.

Among the participants, the Sofoil team stood out with their determination and teamwork. They tackled many challenges, including traditional obstacles, water challenges, and muddy terrain.

Participating in such a significant national race not only showcased the participants' athletic abilities but also highlighted the importance of working together, standing united, and striving for common goals.

Events of this nature contribute to strengthening team spirit, fostering sports interests, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among Sofoil company employees.

Participation in the "Heroes Race" has not only marked a sporting accomplishment, but also a significant stride towards the common goal that we have here at Sofoil.

Sofoil team players:

  • Rodion Guss
  • Elena Gorokhova
  • Evgeny Gartsev

Kudos to our colleagues! May your journey be filled with ever more remarkable accomplishments!