Moscow, Russia: Sofoil employees participated at SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference

Sofoil employees participated at SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, that took place in Moscow during 22nd - 24th Oct 2019.
The gas condensate formations development section reports results of SPE-196925 project - Well Spacing Verification at Gas Condensate Field Using Deconvolution-Driven Long-Term Pressure and Rate Analysis by M. Aibazaorov, B. Kaliev, G. Mutaliyev, E. Vignati, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.; D. Gulyaev, A. Buyanov, V. Krichevsky as well as Sofoil LLC. The work managed to capture the audience and continued much longer than planned due to the lengthy discussions and D. Gulyaev.

The results of the application of Multi-scale Retrospective Testing (MRT) were reported to the reservoir testing section by Mikhail Schwydenko in the SPE-196839 project – Assessing Efficiency of Multiwell Retrospective Testing (MRT) in Analysis of Cross-well Interference and Prediction of Formation and Bottom-hole Pressure Dynamics by B. Ganiev, A. Lutfullin, M. Shvydenko, I. Karimov, Tatneft; A. Aslanyan, Nafta College; L. Zinurov, Polykod; D. Gulyaev, R. Farakhova, V. Krichevsky, as well as Sofoil LLC.

Results received were quite positive; RN-BashNIPIneft were very actively involved in the QnA session. Articles are available for download at