Sofoil at IPTC 2024

During the 16th International Petroleum Technology Conference and Exhibition (IPTC 2024), held from February 12th to 14th in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arthur Aslanyan, the head of the Sofoil company, presented new methods for assessing the heavy oil waterflood efficiency.

During his presentation, Arthur Aslanyan introduced innovative methodologies based on integrated crosswell testing and advanced production analysis. Developed in collaboration with leading industry engineers and experts, these methods offer new ways to assess waterflood efficiency, which is crucial for optimizing production in increasingly complex geological formations.

Our research deepens the understanding of waterflooding processes and optimizes strategies for managing the production of heavy oils.

We are confident that the application of integrated crosswell testing and advanced production analysis will significantly improve the efficiency of production processes and will increase the economic performance of all upcoming projects.

Arthur Aslanyan @ IPTC 2024

The research findings shared at the conference sparked interest from colleagues in various companies and organizations, emphasizing the importance of addressing the challenge of optimizing heavy oil production in today's conditions.

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