Sofoil claims the victory and sets a new PetroCup high score

Petrocup is known to be competitive with fast paced discussions  with head-to-head actions and this game proved that reputation to be true.

During the PetroCup tournament that took place on August 3, the Sofoil team achieved a spectacular result of 99% from the development scenario, which is considered an outstanding performance!

A Reference Scenario is the highest score that can be achieved and is created by producing numerous scenarios of field development with PolyPlan software. Typically, the users don't receive a score this high as they commit numerous errors during well operations.

We saw a well-coordinated work involving specialists of various backgrounds all led by Irina Aslanyan, allowed the team to claim the victory after performing top-tier well operations, series of successful drillings and creating a perfect water cut.

Throughout the whole day, the team efforts were recorded and will soon be available as a training material on managing field development.

If you want to participate in the next PetroCup session and develop valuable team decision-making skills in oil and gas field development, feel free to register here:

Sofoil managed to set a new high-score in PetroCup's hall of fame