SPE Presentation: PetroCup FDP Simulator

Topic:  SPE Presentation: PetroCup FDP Simulator

PetroCup is a Training and Testing facility for surface and subsurface petroleum facilities management, which tries to reproduce the realistic behavior of a reservoir system in response to human interaction. It can be run as an online competition between different asset teams for the same asset.

The PolyPlan software has a very straight forward user-friendly web interface that allows petroleum engineers to easily perform routine activities (drilling, complex workovers, changing pump settings, well testing, logging...).

The application is capable of modeling geological /dynamic flow models, wellbore flow model, surface and subsurface infrastructure, popular OH and CH sensors and reproducing a very realistic response to typical field operational activities.

This means that several years of field development can be simulated in just a few days and redevelopment actions can be translated into Net Present Value, that helps to identify the best future development plan for a field.

It has been proven that this is a great tool for developing and improving practical skills in asset management and associated disciplines such as geology, petrophysics, flow simulations, production technology, well testing, production logging, surface and subsurface facilities and petroleum economics.

Date: 13 October at 15:00 (GMT+8)

Presenter: Sameer Joshi
Company: Sofoil