Multi-Scenario Field Development Planning

Multi-Scenario Field Development Planning is a specific workflow based on multiple iterations performed by professional asset teams or corporate individuals via the PolyPlan web-facility which automatically translates the field activities (like drilling, workover, conversions, surveillance) into the model runs and reverts back with production/surveillance results in conventional report formats and financial statements including NPV. This exposes a newly built models to a wider range of corporate specialists and improves the chances of finding the best field development solution.

  • Create the optimal FDP with maximum immunity to current field uncertainties.
  • Design fit-for-purpose surveillance strategy to support optimal production.
  • Building a 3D model
  • Analyses the current distribution of reserves and pressure and identifies the areas for production opportunities
  • Generation production forecasts for three scenarios
  • Designing three FDP (low capex, medium capex and high capex)
  • Calculating P&L
  • Presentation three scenarios and their P&L to the Management
  • Management approves one FDP to go
  • Fast & Automated
  • Multiple model realizations
  • Multiple FDP scenarios
  • Optimal surveillance program

The asset behavior (surface facilities, wells and reservoir) is highly realistic and based on the real assets prototypes incorporating:

  • Typical geological, petrophysical and geomechanical complicacies
  • Pipeline, wellbore and reservoir flow complications
  • Well integrity failures (pipes and cement)
  • Typical uncertainties in surface flow metering and allocation
  • Complexity of OH and CH logging tool readings
  • Inputs on production and redevelopment economics