PRIME is a production history analysis aided by:

  • PolyPrime plug-in under PolyGon software platform
  • ALPHA data processing and interpretation facility
  • DIRECT using the artificial intelligence engine

PRIME provides AI-assisted recommendations based on the market and corporate economics:

  • on investments in new wells drilling
  • side-tracks
  • flow profile control (water shut-offs, stimulations)
  • increasing well productivity
  • improving waterflood performance (through production optimisation and conversions)

Investment scenarios and production opportunities are primarily based on the automated production history analysis with 350+ production statistics and production performance diagnostic metrics and 30+ types of maps, some of which are built over production history timeline.

The results of the PRIME analysis are assembled and delivered in the form of the structured web-report with live plots allowing users to interact with data. The report can be used "as-is" or converted to other popular document formats.

Development Analysis
  • Assess the current structure of the remaining reserves (its spatial distribution and energy)
  • Assess wells productivity and injectivity and compare it against expectations
  • Assess wells productivity and injectivity and compare it against expectations
  • Check for uniformity of production and injection profile in multi-layer reservoi
  • Assess waterflood efficiency (coverage and displacement)
Workovers planning
  • Workover candidates selection (water shut-off, stimulation, hydraulic fracturing)
  • Recommendations for well surveys (PLT, PTA, PCT)
  • Optimization of pressure maintenance system
  • Planning of well production/injection rates

Levels of analysis detail

PRIME offers three levels of detalization:

  • High-level block-well analysis
  • Well passports with well-by-well analysis
  • Maps (reservoir properties and production)
  • Well performance modelling and historical events analysis
  • Pressure/Rate tests and production logs
  • New wells placements
  • Well-by-well production optimisation and workers

  • Highly automated production history data processing
  • Fully automated data integration and visualisation
  • Fully automated production history diagnostics
  • AI-assisted field development opportunities
  • Fully automated investment economics